maybe just one night longer?

week seven over.

Posted on: April 26, 2009

i only lost one pound last week, which was sort of a bummer since this upcoming week is my last week on medifast, and i was really hoping to be under 140lbs. by the time i had to pull off of the diet, and that leaves me 3-4lbs. to lose this week in order for that to happen. we’ll see. but yeah, total of 23lbs. now in 7 weeks. not too shabby.

other than that nothing exciting is happening. i am rushing to finish the semester and be done with the semester from hell. kill it with fire.

i’m really broke now. but oh well, its almost summer and i can return to dummy’s and be miserable all summer. miserable but somewhat wealthy. hopefully.


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  • anditbegins: actually, it looks like 10 times bigger biotch. stop being so jeal.
  • Julie: whoosh look at that chest go! boom. roasted.
  • anditbegins: trust me, i know julie.


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