maybe just one night longer?

end of week six.

Posted on: April 18, 2009

lost 3 pounds last week. so i’m at a total of 22 pounds, 144lbs., and 14 away from my goal. cool. since this is my last month formally on the diet, i’d have to lose 7lbs. each week in order to get to my goal. so instead, i’m aiming for getting under 140lbs. before i have to get off the diet, so i can knock out the last >10lbs. on my own. hopefully i get over being sick soon so that i can exercise again while being able to breathe. i’ll def be going to megan’s hip hop classes both monday and wednesday and maybe i’ll squeeze in a jog on friday.

last night was my NRHH inductions (National Residence Hall Honorary). being inducted means that i have been recognized as being one of the top 1% of residence on campus. it was fun, i got to hear a blerb that was written about me by strangers with the help of my boss. there were cookies and cake. i wanted them. but i didn’t touch them.

i’m broke btw. i make stupid money mistakes constantly. but whatever. that’s why i am working an extra 2 hours today and sitting at a desk indoors for 5 hours straight while quadmania is going on, girltalk is playing, and it’s 75 degrees outside. oh well, i can leave the window open i guess. but i want nothing more than to get a good book and sit outside in the grass and read all day. or have a picnic.

on the note of money, i really want a robe. a silk robe.

and a new phone. mine sucks.


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  • anditbegins: actually, it looks like 10 times bigger biotch. stop being so jeal.
  • Julie: whoosh look at that chest go! boom. roasted.
  • anditbegins: trust me, i know julie.


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