maybe just one night longer?

so, i’m guilty of not using this often, i know…

Posted on: March 6, 2009

…but i am going to start using it a lot. starting tomorrow i am beginning the medifast diet. ( and i am expecting a lot from myself and this diet. i am going to lose weight this time, i mean it. so i might as well keep it updated on here, ya know? for the record my goal is somewhere between 25-40 pounds. because i don’t remember what i look like skinny anymore, i am going to base it off looks more than i am going to be basing it off of numbers. i don’t want to look too thin but i want to look thin. hm. but yeah i’ve been scouring the internet for all the cute clothes i’m gonna buy once i drop it all. and i’m most excited to wear a bathing suit this summer. more specifically, i keep dreaming of myself in this one :

but i have to lose weight or else my love handles will be popping out everywhere and noone wants to see that mess.

alright, time to wait impatiently by the door until UPS gets here with my fooooood.


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  • anditbegins: actually, it looks like 10 times bigger biotch. stop being so jeal.
  • Julie: whoosh look at that chest go! boom. roasted.
  • anditbegins: trust me, i know julie.


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