maybe just one night longer?

end of semester rush.

Posted on: December 2, 2008

i just realized how much stuff i have to do before winter break. my show opens tomorrow and runs until sunday. i have a french exam thursday. monday there is auditions for next semester shows, which i need to memorize both monologues for and read the plays. i have to finish the group project for my theatre history class by tuesday, and then write an 8 page paper that we luckily coerced my teacher in to post poning and making it due on the day of the final. then i have a break to study and i have 3 finals on one day. the 16th. my math final, my french final, and my theatre history final. the same day i have to turn in the 8 page paper. that i haven’t started. or decided what i’m writing it on yet. then i have to study everything we’ve learned in movement, which is a lot of random crap for our final. and have to work on my monologue and write a short paper on the methods i’ve learned in that class. i want to scream. just, scream. if i get cast next semester i’m just straight up dropping class. forget this 23 credit mess. next semester i’ll be almost a junior, according to my advisor. and i came in with zero AP credits. i can make it one easier semester. no classes that require me to read for every class, jsut two performace classes, french, and math. i have intro to scene on my schedule right now but if i get cast, it’s just going out the window. i can take it later i suppose. i just want to go back to my apartment and sleep through all this. but my birthday is friday, that’s cool i suppose. i just can’t deal with all of this stuff coming in on me. oh well, i’ll make it i suppose.


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  • anditbegins: actually, it looks like 10 times bigger biotch. stop being so jeal.
  • Julie: whoosh look at that chest go! boom. roasted.
  • anditbegins: trust me, i know julie.


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